Shopping in Codsburg

Codsburg is a very small village, and little is for sale. You can buy mundane equipment readily, but to get anything more exotic, you will have to wait for a traveling merchant to come through town.

Mundane Items:
Bobbin the Halfling runs a small shop selling fishing supplies, general merchandise, adventuring gear, and simple weapons. To buy an item, roll 1d6 to determine the price:

  • 1: -10% from list price
  • 2: list price
  • 3: +10% over list price
  • 4: +20% over list price
  • 5: +30% over list price
  • 6: +40% over list price

Optionally, you can make a Diplomacy check to negotiate with Bobbin:

  • Check result less than 5: Add 1 to the d6 roll
  • Check result 6-9: No change
  • Check result 10-14: Subtract 1 from the d6 roll
  • Check result 15+: Subtract 2 from the d6 roll
    Results less than 1 count as 1, and results greater than 6 count as 6. You cannot take 10 on this roll, and you must make it before rolling the d6 for the price.

It takes a week to buy a martial weapon or non-masterwork armor. Superior weapons and implements take two weeks. This includes time spent waiting for a merchant with suitable wares and negotiating the price. Prices and negotiation are determined the same as Bobbin’s wares.

Magic Items:
It takes one week per level of the item to buy a magic item (plus an extra week for superior weapons and implements), and a character can seek one magic item per point of Charisma bonus at a time. Only common items can be bought. Prices are set by d6 roll, and the DCs for negotiation depend on the item’s level:

  • less than easy DC of the item’s level: +1 to the d6 roll
  • Moderate DC of the item’s level: -1 to the d6 roll
  • Hard DC of the item’s level: -2 to the d6 roll

Selling magic items also takes a week per level of the item. Common items sell for 20% of their value, uncommons for 50%, and rares for 100%. Your Charisma modifier determines the number of magic items you can seek to sell at once.

Ritual Components
The time it takes to purchase a given amount of ritual components is equal to the time it would take to buy a permanent magic item of at least the same value, and shopping for a given type of ritual component counts against the total number of magic items you can shop for at once.

Shopping in Codsburg

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